When my pet goes home

When your pet goes home

Your pet’s release from the center is authorized by the veterinarian.


The vet, or the assistant, will communicate with you to agree on a time for the pick up and to summarize any recommendations concerning the pet’s return home. Detailed recommendations will be given at the time of release.

Arrival at the DMV

Upon your arrival, you will be asked to pay the invoice in full. Any relevant prescriptions or special foods will have already been added to your bill.

Recommandations and aftercare

You will then meet the animal technician overseeing the release. At this point, all instructions and recommendations concerning your pet’s return home, special treatments and convalescence will be discussed with you. The technician will let you know if follow-up appointments at DMV Centres or at your regular veterinarian will be necessary. A medication timetable that suits your schedule will also be drawn up.

If necessary, special diets will be also be explained in detail.


You will be reunited with your pet after these few administrative procedures. If you wish, the technician will show you how to administer the required medication.