Students – Internships and residencies

CENTREDMVET, an important training center

Since its foundation in 1993, the CENTREDMVET veterinary centers always regarded training of the next generations of veterinarians has a priority. Year after year the veterinary specialist of the DMV have had the privilege and pleasure to train many students, interns and residents.

Applications for internships 2024-2025

The first year of practice is one that is rich in experiences and often crucial in molding us as practitioners. Enrolling in an internship, provides an environment rich with tools and support in order to transform those first-year experiences into rich learning moments. This ensures the development of a self-assured, knowledgeable, competent practitioner equipped to face the reality of a busy small animal practice, emergency practice or residency training.

How to access internship position application and descriptions

Internship and residency positions at CENTREDMVET are posted via the Veterinary Internship & Residency Matching Program (VIRMP). Full details of application and selection process are available at the following link:  VIRMP.

For the surgical internship position, consult this link: Learn more >

The objectives of our Internship

Since 1997, CENTREDMVET offers the opportunity for graduating veterinary student to pursue complementary training. This program has evolved over the years, but many of its initial objectives remain. Providing opportunities for recent graduate to realize their full potential by gaining confidence in their abilities.

We achieve this through :

    • Consolidating the clinical approach of patients presenting in emergency or in specialty through systematic hypothetico-deductive medical reasoning.
    • Mastering of standard diagnostic and therapeutic technique used in emergency medicine.
    • Developing an understanding and mastering of certain commonly used diagnostic and therapeutic technique used in specialties.
    • Furthering communication skills with clients as well as with the veterinary team.
    • Favoring the development of autonomy, clinical organization skills, healthy confidence and sense of one’s own limits.
    • Offering support for professional development and guidance toward making choices for future practice whether it be general practice, emergency practice or specialty practice.


Why decide to do an internship

An internship is a clinical training program where the recent graduate is able to fully play the role of a professional under the guidance of an experienced veterinarian or specialist. The intern is an autonomous veterinarian who will have to make decisions and actively participate in all aspects of case management. An internship is therefore the opportunity to practice one’s profession with supervision and support. The objective being to see the maximum cases in a one-year period while receiving constructive feedback in order to learn most and grow as a professional at an accelerated speed. The aptitudes, knowledge and kills developed during an internship allow the candidates to stand out professionally, be competitive for better employment and access specialty training.

Would you like your career to be even more satisfying?

Every day we are involved in the bettering of the Québec veterinary profession, our goal is to contribute to the training of the next generation of veterinarian and to ensure that they are well suited to the needs of the clientele. In order to achieve that we value high level patient care, client service and communication, the relation between family veterinarian and veterinary specialist as they are at the core of the CENTREDMVET program.

An internship at CENTREDMVET is an investment in an even more gratifying career. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on our internship program.



Director of the Internship program

Dre Audrey Amoroso
Spécialiste des affaires médicales



If you would like to know more about the externships, residencies or internships at CENTREDMVET, reach out to us.