End of life support


If your pet’s health deteriorates and the prognosis is bad, euthanasia may become the most humane solution for your pet. If you opt for euthanasia, discuss your decision with the veterinarian.

Euthanasia is a painless method of assisted death. The animal falls into a deep sleep following the injection of an anesthetic; an overdose of the same drug then leads to cardiac arrest.


When you arrive at the reception, you will be asked to sign an authorization and to pay the invoice before we proceed with the euthanasia. You will also have to decide how you wish us to dispose of your animal’s body (group or individual cremation, or necropsy).

You can assist to the procedure if you wish to do so. You will have access to a private room where you can spend a few privileged moments with your pet. Take all the time you need, both before and after the euthanasia.

Dr Pierre Lassonde also offers at home euthanasia as well as support, at home or at the DMV Centres.

You can ask the receptionist for more information.

Need to vent? We can help with that too.