Visiting my pet

Sorry but you can’t visit your pet anymore 🙁

We understand that you miss your pet and that you miss him too. Unfortunately the COVID-19 Coronavirus safety instructions related to the protection of employees and clients of the DMV Centers oblige us to prohibit visits by hospitalized patients.

– When your furry friend is hospitalized, visits are no longer allowed –

If you need information please call us:

1.833.247.SOIN (7646)

A specific number designed for Veterinary Emergency Pre-triage accessible 24/7

Technicians and customer service agents play a very significant role at DMV Centres and are there to provide you with relevant information. Your animal health technicians will be pleased to give you a brief update of the latest information on your pet’s condition. Should you need to discuss your pet’s case with the veterinarian, please do so during your daily phone call.