Emergency Admission

As soon as you sign the procedures authorization form, your pet will be placed in a clearly identified cage in which it will stay for the duration of its stay.

Leave no personal belongings

Other than its collar, please do not leave any personal belongings with your pet. Objects left in cages are washed every day, which increases the risk of your belongings being lost or damaged. DMV Centres provides blankets and leashes. We will make sure that your pet is as comfortable as possible at all times.

Is your pet already on medication?

If your pet requires medication or special food, please bring it to our attention and provide us with the right quantities of food or drugs. If your animal doesn’t need a special type of food or if the required special food is available at the Center, we will provide it.


After the admission, we will proceed as soon as possible with the required procedures (laboratory, radiography, IV fluid setup, surgery, etc.). As with human emergencies, at DMV Centres, animals are seen in order of priority. If your pet is in critical condition, it will benefit from the required treatment faster. On the other hand, if your pet is stable, it may have to yield its place to animals with more serious conditions.

Record sheet of treatment

Once your pet is admitted, the veterinarian will inform an animal health technician as to which parameters need to be monitored and to what treatment is required. The technician will then carry out any tests that might be needed. Test results and other information will be recorded on a treatment sheet identified with your pet’s name. Our certified technicians are competent and devoted to your pet’s care and comfort; they will have frequent and privileged contacts with the hospitalized pets and they represent a crucial link between them and the veterinarians.

Daily follow-up

Every hospitalized animal is examined at least once a day by a veterinarian. These examinations help the veterinarian to evaluate the progression of the animal’s initial problem, as well as to monitor changes that could have occurred during its hospitalization. Every case is discussed three times a day at the veterinarians’ shift changes.

Not from Montreal?
If you need to stay at the hotel while visiting DMV Centres, here is a list of hotels that accept dogs of all sizes. Click here.